tena visual artist

L.Tena Visual artist

plastic artist, tena creates from fragmentary visions

Devant la porte - Huile sur toile, papiers collés, fusain - 0.45x0,60
In front of the door – Oil on canvas, glued papers, charcoal – 0.45×0.60

The original world, which was all informal and scrap, becomes precious material.
A moving world from which grotesque and funny characters will emerge.
Weaving expressions and rhythms, breaths of Africa
His work tells us about the time of times.

Technical course

Fine arts graduated, the artist lives and works in Bordeaux.

Coming to painting through textile art, a few decades ago, she introduced building materials (plaster, coatings, wire, etc.)

Subsequently worked silks by mixing several fibers such as raffia, hemp, wool felt; after the restoration of old paintings.

Later she moved towards the search for vegetable or mineral materials which have the power to signify time in a perpetual movement, namely the use in her works of micro-algae or heat-sensitive pigments.

For the time being, she is returning to textile art, seeking the combination of assemblies, the diversion of materials from new technologies with those of ancestral know-how, without forgetting her passion for painting.

Many exhibitions in France (Paris Grand Palais, Angers, Bordeaux, Biarritz, La Rochelle, Giverny, Toulouse, St Jean-de-Luz,…) and abroad (Switzerland, Senegal, Israel…).

Les ancêtres - Huile sur toile, encres, papier - 1,75x0,95 - Artiste Tena
The ancestors – Oil on canvas, inks, paper – 1.75×0.95

Breaths of Africa

This breath that I feel, as soon as I arrive on this continent, was first of all a questioning that led me to take an interest in African culture, it was also a time when I had forgotten my paintings to be able to use all that that I found around me to express myself, the earth, the stones, the fibers of the trees, the song of the birds….and of men.


Abstraction, first there was this gaze fixed on the facades of the houses, these coatings irritated by the rain, these dirty walls, the rust of the metal doors, everything reminds me of an experience and there will be born canvases rich in colors.

The Grotesques

From these accidents of the stone, from these crevices arise characters grotesque and laughing, inspired by the "Comédia" as at the great men's fair.


As I always find a richness from the "nothing", the "not much" will bring me a source of inspiration, so an experience of the object (often destined to the scrap) will become another experience or even precious material.

in a changing world...

…his work tells us about time.

Le Regard de l'Autre - Encre de chine sur liner